Choosing a cruise ship cabin (Stateroom)

Your budget is set. You have selected the cruise you wish to take. Now to select the cabin. There are a few considerations, even budget friendly, to keep in mind. And here is where an AGENT benefits you.

There are basically two types of staterooms – inside cabins with no view and outside cabins with varying views. Even a balcony/suite cabin falls into this second category. If your plan is to mostly be in a port or around the ship participating in the many activities, and you only require a place to shower, change and sleep; an inside cabin can be the most affordable choice. If you are prone to claustrophobia, need to see the horizon, or just want to enjoy your coffee with a view, there are several options to select: Oceanview with a picture window, porthole views and balcony/suite cabins with private verandas.

Mobility can also affect your cabin decision. Again, this is a great time to have an AGENT. An agent can help you locate the most accessible cabin for your needs, as well as having the amenities in your cabin that help you best.

Next is the position on the ship for your cabin. At FIT Travel, we help our clients by selecting cabins close to their needs – quiet time (no elevators), access to facilities, and keeping you away from just under the galley and dining area for that late morning sleep-in.

Lastly, once you have decided, you may receive an offer from the cruise line to Upgrade to a higher cabin (balcony, mini-suite, or suite) for a small bid. Be very cautious of this – contact your agent for guidance. You will not have control or a decision in the location of your cabin. Believe me, I took the upgrade and learned the hard way after being just one floor down from the Buffet.

Booking early helps in your location as well. Some families want adjoining cabins; close together, etc. By deciding on your adventure early, you have better availability. Some trips sell out one year in advance! Alaska is a great example of this.

Call on FIT Travel to assist you with your adventure plans. Whether it be a Trans-Ocean crossing, relaxing in the Caribbean or Adventuring around Alaska, we are here to help you!

Cheers and Ready, Set, Sail!


Angel Collins

FIT Travel



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