5 Steps to Choose the Right Smartphone

Smartphones are expensive. Choose your next one wisely.

1 Smartphones can cost hundreds of dollars, and that doesn’t even include those high monthly fees. Purchase a phone that meets your needs today—while ensuring it will support your long-term personal and business goals. Follow these steps: www.michelleguerra.com 2 TIP1 DETERMINE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD Know what you’re willing to pay each month—before you start evaluating devices. You can be dazzled by the bells and whistles and latest features and end up choosing a phone that you can’t afford. More expensive doesn’t always mean better, so choose a phone that meets your needs and budget. One thing to remember is that service providers are moving away from offering a free smartphone with a new two-year contract. Instead, they are now more apt to offer a discount if you finance your smartphone for 18 to 24 months. Payment plans make it more affordable to pay for a $599+ smartphone because you pay for the phone over time by increasing your monthly bill slightly. However, it’s not always worth it if you find yourself locked into a long-term contract. Tip: Pick what you can afford but know your options if you’re not satisfied with your service.

TIP2 CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLATFORM Apple’s platform was built for personal users. All iPhones run on the Apple platform. Android’s/Google’s platform was built for personal and business uses. All Android phones use this platform, but iPhone users can also access it. Microsoft’s platform was built for the corporate environment. It was designed to work seamlessly with Surface Tablets and Window computers because all three devices have similar interfaces. This is the default platform on Microsoft smartphones, but iPhone and Android users can utilize it as well. You have your choice of three major platforms: Apple, Google/Android, and Microsoft. Tip: If you aren’t technologically savvy, I recommend purchasing an iPhone. In my opinion, your user experience will be more enjoyable because they are easy to use.

3 CONSIDER YOUR MUST-HAVE APPS TIP3 Not all Apps can be used on all three platforms. Generally, most apps are oered on the Apple or Google Android platform, but if you switch to Microsoft, you may have limited capabilities. Apple has specic apps (e.g., Facetime or iMessage) that are exclusive to their platform. Before you decide on a phone, review all the apps that you use. Determine which ones you can’t live without and ensure that they are compatible with the platform you want to purchase. www.michelleguerra.com

4 DECIDE WHETHER YOU REALLY NEED THE NEWEST VERSION TIP4 You can save big if you don’t rush to purchase the latest version when it hits the shelves. Service providers typically don’t sell out of earlier versions, so ask what versions your service provider as available. Also, ask the customer service or sales representative to describe the differences and upgrades between the newest and earlier versions. You may find that the savings are more valuable to you than the upgrades.

TIP5 SELECT JUST ENOUGH STORAGE To save money, I recommend purchasing the lowest amount of storage space for your smartphone and taking full advantage of cloud storage. It is inexpensive, secure and automatically backs up all your information. Plus, you can access everything online. If you choose not to use cloud technology, you will need to purchase the largest size of memory for your smartphone. That could cost you $100 to $300 more just for having more memory on the device.

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With special thanks to Michelle Guerra – www.michelleguerra.com

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