Membership Procedures

Interested in becoming a member?

Attend a minimum of two (2) Tuesday morning breakfast meetings during a three (3) week period

On the first Tuesday following completion of the meeting requirements, the Membership Chairman will give the prospective member an application to be filled out.

The prospective member will complete a profile and application form which requires the signature of their sponsor and two (2) additional member signatures.

Upon completion of the profile and application form and payment of the appropriate dues, the applicant is eligible for membership in the Greater Business Association.

Dues are $60.00 paid in advance on a quarterly basis.

Membership will be limited to two (2) persons from the same competitive career field, unless waived by any member(s) in the same competitive career field.

Any member missing four (4) consecutive meetings shall forfeit her/his rights of membership, subject to review by the Membership Committee.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact

Angel Collins

Membership Chairman
Phone: 281.773.4321